Behind the Scene

It’s worthwhile to know why we do, what we do. We currently focus on events other than family events. We leverage technology to enable and empower events. We are sure you would appreciate what, how and why we accomplish our tasks.

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On the screen

It is our Vision to add positive value to day-to-day lives of people.

Planica gives you a completely new user experience, as it runs like a wizard. You can experience it only when you self-start your journey of an event with Planica and take it to its logical end. All the Ws and the H are queried and answers elicited from you. That takes care of the planning part. Hence, the Planica.


We are a bunch of people with expertize in diverse realms. You will perennially cherish your association with our crazy beaus and breezy belles who don’t work, but enjoy doing things. Getting you the right service and most suitable provider is our forte. Snooping isn’t the right word. Eh! Maybe. But, our discernible eye looks for its minutest detail. Yeah, there you go. You got it right. We track your event at every stage and make sure the flow is smooth and hassle free.